Born in Lisbon in a “Red Alert” Stormy night, Nuno grew up in a family with a strong photography culture.

In 1998, Nuno started travelling in Europe, and ended up travelling the world for the next 5 years, backpacking in more than 20 countries in 3 continents, doing social work, living in eco-communities and studying to become a monk.

In the end of 2003, he travels to India and during the trip decides to become a professional photographer. After coming back to Portugal he studied photojournalism in CENJOR and starts shooting weddings as a second photographer.

From 2004 to 2009 Nuno works as second photographer and learns the art of documental photography. During this period he dives deep into learning, studying and practicing a lot.

In 2009 he finally becomes a full time wedding photographer.

In 2010 he opens his studio and starts also shooting fashion ,editorial and commercial work.

2011 travels to Milan and Paris to shoot a jewelry campaign and Magazine cover and editorial.

From 2013 to 2019, Nuno starts shoots Weddings all over the world, from India to Italy, Dubai, Romania, Caribbean, Greece and UK.

After Covid, Nuno re-structured all his work and branched his expertise to other areas with his new custom Studio in Lisbon.

Emotion, dynamism, humor and the capacity to diversify marks Nuno´s work, having fresh energy and vision in each assignment he shoots.

Nuno has a great passion and dedication for his craft and his clients.

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